Product News for September 7, 2006

Auralex Acoustics do-it-yourself room treatment, Digidesign portable audio/MIDI production system, MPCsounds hip-hop and urban percussion loop library, Primera Technology, SM Pro Audio and more

Auralex Acoustics has announced the SonoSuede Pro System ($1,199), a do-it-yourself room treatment set comprised of 12 back-bevelled panels.

Digidesign has announced the Mbox 2 Pro ($799), a portable audio/MIDI production system that provides FireWire-powered connectivity, up to 24-bit/96 kHz audio resolution, and a range of analog and digital I/O. MORE.

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MPCsounds has released Urban Percussion Loops (starting at $39.95), a hip-hop and urban percussion loop library for Akai MPC drum samplers. The loops are organized by tempo, and each tempo group has 25 original percussion themes, including two variation loops per theme. The library is available as a download, an MPC zip disk, or an MPC CD-ROM.

Primera Technology has announced the Bravo SE Disc Publisher ($1,495), a 20-disc capacity automated CD and DVD duplication and printing system. The Bravo SE uses a robotic mechanism to move discs into the recorder, and when the recording is finished, the machine prints the "label" directly onto the disc. It connects to your computer via USB and comes with duplication software (Mac/Win).

SM Pro Audio is shipping the PM8 8 x 4 passive summing mixer. The PM8 sums up to eight analog channels into stereo pairs, and it features eight combo connector inputs, a 25-pin Dsub input connector, two stereo XLR balanced outputs, and two stepped attenuator controls.

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Spin Semiconductor has announced availability of samples of the FV-1 production audio signal processor. According to the manufacturer, the FV-1 is the only reverb/effects processor on a single chip. It features a DSP core, three potentiometer inputs, integrated stereo ADC and DAC converters, and access to 16 programs, eight of which are built in to the internal ROM.