Propellerhead Reason(2)

Objective: Repeat sections of a song so you can play over them and practice.Background: Reason’s NN-XT sampler can load just about any file that will fit in your available RAM, including entire songs. And because you can set a sample start/loop start point and do looping, you can repeat any section within that song, turning the NN-XT into handy practicing tool if your main digital audio recorder isn’t available or is otherwise tied up. The following assumes you’ve created a Reason rack with an NN-XT feeding the audio out.

1. In the NN-XT, click on Load Sample, navigate to the song you want to practice with, then click on “OK.” The sample now sits within the NN-XT, with its root note at C3.

2. Go to the sequencer and switch to Edit mode by clicking on the Arrange/Edit button.

3. Select the Pencil tool, then draw a note at C3 that’s long enough to last the entire length of the song.

4. Double-click on the Stop button (circled in yellow) to send the Play cursor to the beginning of the sequence; click on the Transport Play button, and you’ll hear the file.

5. Set the sample Start point for where you want to be practicing, and edit the Loop Start control to the same value.

6. Set the Loop End control for where you want loop playback to end.

7. Set Play Mode to FW-Loop (forward looping).

8. Repeat Step 4 to hear the looped portion repeat over and over and over and over and over and. . . .