Propellerhead ReCycle

Objective: Create “wrong” variations on a loop to end up with new, and sometimes very cool (or at least perverse), alternatives.Background: ReCycle can do more than just stretch rhythmic loops faster or slower — it can help create totally new variations on a loop. Normally, you do this by rearranging the MIDI data in your host program that drives the ReCycle audio slices, but the following method uses an “all-digital audio” approach. The key is to export each slice as its own WAV or AIFF file, then rearrange the order of these slices in your host program. (Note: This assumes you’ve already used ReCycle to “slice” your file properly in the REX format.)

1. Make sure that “Export as One Sample” is unchecked in the Process menu.

2. Select “Export” from the File menu, navigate to the folder where you want to save each slice as a sample, choose the file format, then click on “Save.”

3. Choose the desired sample rate and bit depth for the slice files, then click on “OK.”

4. Each slice has been exported as a separate file to the folder you specified in step 2.

5. Open your host, and drag the slices into a track (assuming your host supports drag-and-drop; otherwise, import them).

6. Let the games begin! Rearrange slices on the same track, or as shown here, drag slices to a different track in whatever order you want. Repeat slices, overlap them, reverse them . . . whatever. You get the idea.