Propellerhead releases Fingerpicking Nylon A-List Acoustic Guitarist, a Reason Rack Extension

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Propellerhead has released the new Reason Rack Extension "Fingerpicking Nylon A-List Acoustic Guitarist," building on its success of A-List instruments by bringing inspiring, studio-grade performances to your music.

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“Propellerhead has been delighted to see the demand grow for our A-List series” stated Mats Karlöf, Propellerhead Product Marketing Manager. “The A-List series continues to inspire musicians to create more music because you don’t need to be studio musician to get incredible results.”

Fingerpicking Nylon A-List Acoustic Guitarist brings the vibrant, expressive sounds of nylon stringed guitar to your music with Fingerpicking Nylon A-List Acoustic Guitarist. With 60 unique musical styles to choose from, Fingerpicking Nylon makes it easy to produce professional sounding performances that suit any project. Compose with flurried flamenco riffs and languid legato passages. Add unique textures to your EDM tracks. And explore entirely new songwriting possibilities. Simply dial in your style, tempo, and tone to start creating at the touch of a button.

Fingerpicking Nylon A-List Acoustic Guitarist is the 7th member of the best-selling family of virtual session guitarists and drummers by Propellerhead. The A-List series quickly emerged as leading Rack Extension instruments in the Propellerhead store with the initial introduction of A-List Acoustic Guitarist in May 2014. Today Propellerhead offers 4 A-List guitarist and 3 A-List drummers.

To learn more about the A-List series, visit for further details.

Watch the Fingerpicking Nylon A-List Acoustic Guitarist video here.

Pricing and Availability

Fingerpicking Nylon A-List Acoustic Guitarist is available for immediate download via the Propellerhead store for $99 USD / €99 EUR.