PS Audio Debuts Two New Products in Munich

Cutting-Edge DAC and Prototype Lifestyle Product Make European Debut
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PS Audio, manufacturer of fine audio equipment for over 40 years, is proud to announce the European debut of two of the most important products in the company’s history: the game-changing DirectStream DAC, and a pre-production prototype of ‘Sprout’, a high-quality, compact all-in-one intended for the lifestyle market. PS will be exhibiting in Halle 2 Stand B04 of the Munich High End show, at the Munich MOC convention center. The show runs from May 15-18, 2014; May 15th is trade-only.

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DirectStream was introduced in March, 2014, amidst major industry interest in its unique design and construction, as well as its stunning sound quality. DirectStream converts all inputs to DSD, resulting in a substantial increase in detail from PCM inputs.

“The response to DirectStream proves to us that listeners want the experience of live music in their homes, and their present equipment just isn’t giving it to them,” said Paul McGowan, Founder and CEO of PS. “DirectStream reveals to listeners all the music that’s been hidden in their existing libraries of CDs and digital files, and once the difference is heard, they simply can’t go back. That’s why DirectStream has been the most successful product launch in our history.”

‘Sprout’ is the brainchild of Scott McGowan, PS Audio’s Sales Director, and son of Paul McGowan. Designed as the simple but high-quality hub of a home music system, ‘Sprout’ is a 50 watt/channel integrated amplifier which includes a phono preamplifier, DAC, headphone amp and a Bluetooth receiver. ‘Sprout’ can thus play music directly from a turntable, any digital input, and wirelessly from a smartphone.

“Many of my friends want the concert-hall sound of PS Audio’s products, “ said Scott, “but they can’t afford them, and they don’t have room for them in their homes. ‘Sprout’ will give them the kick-ass sound and build-quality of PS’ traditional products, in a simple, small unit whose design will fit in modern homes. ‘Sprout’ will play music from any source, in the way that people listen today—at a price they can afford.”

DirectStream will be demonstrated in a two-channel system utilizing Raidho loudspeakers; ‘Sprout’ will be demonstrated with Audeze headphones being driven by ‘Sprout’s’ headphone amplifier. Both Paul and Scott McGowan will be on hand to conduct demonstrations and answer questions about the new products.

‘Sprout’ is being shown as a pre-production prototype; it will be introduced to a mass audience soon, by means of a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter. “Most people of my generation—in their ‘20’s and ‘30’s—have grown up with earbuds and cheap plastic home-theater systems, and have no idea how great music at home can sound,” said Scott McGowan. “This product is our first step in growing awareness of awesome home audio—so we think ‘Sprout’ is an appropriate name. We expect big things from this little guy.”

DirectStream is in production, and currently in back-ordered status. MSRP is $5995 in the US; pricing in other markets may vary.

‘Sprout’ is being shown as a pre-production prototype, and some details may change before it reaches production. Projected MSRP is $799.99 in the US, subject to change and variance in other markets.