PSP 2445 updated to v. 1.1.0 and Mod(ulation) Multiplier Added

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A mod(ulation) multiplier has been added to this version which sets the reverberator’s modulation depth.

To get and authorize the PSP 2445 v. 1.1.0 please:
1) Log-in to your PSP account and expand PSP 2445 details,
2) Download the installer appropriate for your operating system and install the plug-in.
You can overwrite the newer version over the old one so after downloading simply start the installer.

PSP 2445 Classic Digital Reverberator version history

PSP 2445 v.1.1.0

Mod multiplier screw pot added.
New four presets.

MOD multiplier – sets the reverberator’s modulation depth. The default value is at the 12 o’clock position. Turning the trimpot clockwise leads to a strongly modulated and muddied effect. Turning the trimpot counter-clockwise reduces the modulation which results in re- duced tail smoothness and a more resonant character to the reverberation tail.

Most algorithmic reverberators have some inherent modulation—sometimes noticeable, sometimes not. This is because the complexity of algorithmic reverbs is considerably simplified from an actual studio or hall environment. This is reflected in the number of resonances, or the pattern and mechanical character, of reverb tail reflections. To deal with these limitations, modulation is added to spread resonances and smooth out a tail pattern. Sometimes you may want this modulation to obvious on tracks, other times you may not, so we provide a parameter that will lessen or exaggerate the modulation in PSP 2445. The lower the modulation the more synthetic, resonant and grainy the reverb is—however chorusing is less noticeable. The higher the modulation level is set the less periodic the reverb tail is and is more blurred—at the expanse of exaggerated chorusing effects.
Try lowering the MOD multiplier counter clockwise from the 12:00 hardware default setting if a track naturally exaggerates the reverb's internal modulation. Set the MOD to a high value by turning it clockwise if you want to get a blurred tail with a highly noticeable warbling.

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