PSP Presents PSP StompDelay

Special Introductory Price of $49
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PSP stompDelay a creative delay plug-in designed to provide a wide range of sounds from lush analog tape delays through vibrant loops, from classic ping-pong to scratchy pitch shifts. It features both traditional delay effects and a looper when in “infinite operation mode” (called Infinity mode) that offers continuous tap tempo, as well as accurate tape simulation, including simulating the volume drop that occurs when fast forwarding or cueing the tape. 

The fully featured 14 days demo version is available on the download page.

Introductory offer!
Until the 3rd of April 2016 you can buy PSP stompDelay at the special introductory price of $49*.
Starting from the 4th April 2016 the regular price of $69* will be applied. (*all prices exclude taxes)
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PS: If you ever wanted to know more about the secrets behind PSP read the extensive interview with Mateusz Wozniak in the spring edition of Tape Op magazine.
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First, this thing is FUN—it's rare to find a plug in that makes you want to turn knobs just to see what happens…and what happens sounds great - organic, alive but still clear - the delays are able to poke through and yet still sound like they are part of the mix... How did they do that?!
John Kurzweg, multi-platinum record producer and multi-instrumentalist
Creed, Puddle of Mudd, Godsmack, and Eagle Eye Cherry

PSP Stomp Delay. It's fantastic. I spent a full 90 minutes running a recording of noisy children through it last night. I just got pulled in playing with all of the controls while checking out the presets. Vintage tape echo effects are a large part of my sound. This plug can go way beyond that. I found everything from flanging, subtle doubling, and conventional delays, to all out sonic chaos! This is a "must have" effect for my tool kit.
Atomic Shadow