PSP TripleMeter: 3 meters in 1 meter

VU Meters, RMS Meters, and PPM Meters
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PSP TripleMeter is the successor to PSP's popular PSP 2Meters bundle. It offers three different meters - VU meters, RMS meters, and PPM meters - with discrete features such as calibration, and shared features such as trim faders, filters and a label strip. PSP's goal was to offer the ability to choose between different audio measurement tools while processing audio. Now, with a single click you can check the volume units (VU) measurements of a signal and compare it to the peak indications or RMS values!

Introductory offer!
Until 15th February 2015, PSP TripleMeter is available at the special introductory price of $19.99* Starting from 16th February 2015 the regular price of $29.00* will be applied. Registered users of PSP's other processors plug-ins can buy PSP TripleMeter at an even better price (up to 49% off of the regular intro price; the more plug-ins you have, the better discount you get). Learn more at

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