r8brain PRO Verison 1.2 Update from Voxengo

A version update 1.2 of r8brain PRO sample rate converter for Windows is now available.

This update features several user interaction improvements. The first one is the 'Pause' button you may press to suspend processing, to temporarily release CPU resources, without stopping the whole conversion process. Another minor improvement is that progress bar now updates smoothly and displays the actual sample-accurate progress.

A new feature in this release is the 'Normalize peak dBFS' option which you may enable to normalize all processed files to a specified peak dBFS value.

r8brain PRO implements sample rate conversion processing in its full: interpolation and decimation steps without exploiting any kind of simplifications; the signal is first resampled to a least common multiple sample rate which makes conversion perfect.

r8brain PRO features:

  • Reads 8-, 16-, 24-, 32-bit PCM and IEEE files
  • Reads both WAV and AIFF files
  • Writes 16-, 24-, 32-bit PCM and IEEE WAV files
  • Multi-channel file support
  • Extensible wave format support
  • EBU BWF extensions support
  • Linear- and minimum-phase modes
  • Batch support
  • Automatic normalization
  • Supports all standard sample rates

For more information, visit their web site at www.voxengo.com.