Radikal Technologies launches Delta CEP A paraphonic semi-modular synth

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Radikal Technologies has announced the availability of the Eurorack module and desktop versions of its new Delta CEP A paraphonic, semi-modular synth.

The DELTA CEP contains 9 synthesis modules including a warm oscillator, a mixing stage with a noise source, a filtering section based around an analog multimode filter plus stereo digital emulations of 12dB multimode and 24 dB ladder filters and one VCA. 

Also included are an LFO, an envelope generator for modulation purposes, Radikal's Snapshot Interpolator for extra sonic excitement, plus a digital FX section with modulated stereo delay effects including tape delay, phasing, chorus, and flanging.

DELTA CEP A is now available for $999.00 (Eurorack) and $1,298.00 (desktop).

For more information visit https://www.radikaltechnologies.com/delta-cep-a-2/