Rare Winds and Harps Modules Now Available From Westgate Studios

As part of our ongoing Modular Series, Westgate Studios is proud to announce the release of our next two modules Rare Winds and Harps.  Each library features 24 bit samples for Gigastudio 3.1 and Kontakt 2.1 on the same disc.  On the DVDs you will find a comprehensive set of patches for Five Recorders (Bass-Sopranino), Two Ocarinas, Penny Whistle, Irish Whistle, Concert Harp and Celtic Harp.  If you are looking to breath new life and stunning realism into your woodwind music, then these are the libraries for you.

The most important feature of the Rare Winds library is the Legato playing style. These patches contain not only expressive long notes, but also true legato interval samples that were recorded as the musicians played every note up and down from 1 half-step all the way up to a full octave. And the good news is that you don’t have to load any special tools to control them because the Legato effect is powered by Gigastudio’s imidi rules and Kontakt’s scripting engine. But it doesn’t end there. Within this same instrument you can control the use of Release Samples, and play Same-Note Legato Repetitions in any rhythm or tempo. With any other library you’d find your midi channels and tracks quickly filling up, but our focus was to pack as many features into each instrument while still keeping them easy to use.

Along with these highlights you’ll also find Ornaments such as grace notes, slow and fast bends, and a collection of celtic articulations recorded specifically for the Irish whistles.

The Harps library features not only single note samples but also Pres-de-la-Table and Harmonics along with a vast array of Glissando samples in Major, Minor, Dominant 7th, Whole Tone, Diminished and Augmented keys.

Whether you are a power user or a hobbyist, the feature list and price of these modules are enough to make any serious musician want to add these exquisite sounding instruments to their arsenal. We have only scratched the surface here. For complete feature lists and audio demos, head over to westgatestudios.com.

The Rare Winds Module is available on DVD for only $125 (US).

The Harps Module is available on DVD for only $140 (US).

These libraries are Available Now at westgatestudios.com.