Ray Gun Pro Now Available in Audio Units Format

Arboretum Systems has announced the release of Ray Gun Pro AU v. 3.1, an Audio Units version of their audio restoration software for use with Mac OS X, both Panther and Tiger editions. Like Ray Gun, Ray Gun Pro AU is built for cleaning up scratchy vinyl, tape hiss, noisy dialog, HVAC noise, and any track with poor sonic quality. However, Ray Gun Pro AU also adds extensive control over more parameters for demanding applications as well as important sound quality enhancement features.

Ray Gun Pro AU contains Arboretum's new noise reduction engine with attack and decay sliders for better tuning of speech, percussion, and sustained sounds. "Noise prints" presets allow users to select a noise filter for specific audio problems, and the noise equalizer offers low, mid, and high threshold sliders to raise or lower the noise threshold in one of the three bands relative to the global noise threshold.

Ray Gun Pro AU has improved hum and rumble filters with fine tuning of frequency and sensitivity. If sensitivity is high, the distortion of the original signal is lowest, but the filter has a large "settling time," reacting slower when it kicks in. When sensitivity is low, a larger part of the signal is cut, but settling time is fast. The rumble filter has a frequency slider to tune it to the rumble noise, and a peak slider is used for adding a bit of low boost at the cutoff frequency, to compensate for the removal of the low end.

The enhancement module's low and high boost uses the technology from our Bass Maximizer and Harmonic Exciter effects available in the Gold version of Hyperprism. Much more than a simple equalizer, it generates logical harmonics lost because of poor quality recording

Ray Gun Pro AU parameter changes can now be externally controlled and automated with host programs supporting those features under Mac OS X with Audio Units.

For more information, visit their web site at www.arboretum.com.