Ready-to-Go Stompbox Trios From BEHRINGER

Five unique stompbox trios from BEHRINGER eliminate the guesswork, creating optimized toolkits for metal, jazz and blues-rock guitar, bass and keyboards. Each dedicated trio packs three must-have effects pedals, two patch cables and a high-quality 10' instrument cable into one convenient package for an exceptional value.

The TPK985 METAL TRIO features the SM400 Super Metal pedal, for brutal, in-your-face distortion and mind-blowing sustain, the FX600 Digital Multi-Effects and the DD400 Digital Delay.

The TPK984 JAZZ TRIO features the CL9 Compressor/Limiter, for powerful, percussive sound and sustain, the CO600 Chorus Orchestra with a warm vintage chorus and the DR600 Digital Reverb with 24-bit high-resolution reverb modes.

The TPK987 BLUES ROCK TRIO features the TM300 Tube Amp Modeler, with its classic tube amp tone, the UV300 Ultra Vibrato and the DD400 Digital Delay.

The TPK988 BASS TRIO features the BOD400 Bass Overdrive, for tube-like distortion and super-fat tone, the BLE100 Bass Limiter Enhancer and the BCH100 Bass Chorus.

The TPK989 KEYBOARD TRIO features the UT100 Ultra Tremolo, the UC200 Ultra Chorus and the FX600 Digital Multi-Effects pedals.

Each BEHRINGER Stompbox Trio is backed by a full one-year warranty.

MSRP $149.99 each