Reaktor 6 Videos and Free Blocks Wired Download

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Native Instruments recently held an intercontinental love fest for its Reaktor 6 modular synth and instrument development software, holding Native Sessions for Reaktor in Berlin, London, LA and Amsterdam.

Those events resulted in 12 tutorial and seminar videos covering everything from sound design in Reaktor, Reaktor for live performance, programming quickly with Reaktor 6’s Blocks, and the past and future of Reaktor.

And to further tempt you to enter the Reaktor universe, Native Instruments gives away three Reaktor-based sythesizers for free in the Blocks Wired package. That includes the Lumikko, inspired by classic West Coast analog monosynths; the XY sequencer synth with deep modulation capabiliities; and the Submotion subtractive synth, featuring deep, rhythmic textures. Go to the Block Wired page for audio demos and the free download.

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Video highlights for current Reaktor users from the Native Sessions include How To Create a 909 Kick Drum, demos of modular Blocks, Connecting Reaktor to Eurorack, Polyrhythmic Sequencing, and others.

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A couple of more general-interest videos should help entertain as well as inform on what Reaktor 6 is all about. In one, artist Tim Exile gives an impressive live performance demonstration of his Reaktor-reliant “flow machine.”

In the Reaktor Roundtable, the panel of Native Instruments CTO Mate Galic, Daniel Miller of Mute Records and sound designer Richard Devine talk about how the origin of Reaktor helped establish the foundation of the new Native Instruments company; the early days of Generator, which later became Reaktor; how Blocks has reinvigorated the Reaktor user library, and many other topics, such as designing electric car sounds in Reaktor.