Realitone Introduces RealiBanjo with Animated Graphics

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Realibanjo features a Pattern Player, as well as animated graphics, something you don't see very often (maybe never?) in a sample library. Realitone tells us:

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"The first thing everyone asks us about are the graphics. We designed the GUI with a static cartoon banjo player and his dog. But then we started thinking, 'Why not make them move to the beat?' The animation took more time than we expected, but it makes the instrument fun, so we think it was worth it.

As far as sound goes, you can either play notes normally in the center of the keyboard, or in the upper two octaves, you can hold chords (major, minor, dominant 7th, minor 7th, and sus4) and the RealiBanjo Pattern Player will automatically play authentic banjo patterns ("rolls") for that chord, in sync with your sequencer. There are six pattern styles to choose from, ranging from bluegrass to roots rock. All selectable via keyswitch, so you can switch pattern styles mid bar if you like.

There's a Fret Position selector, as well as selector for normal picking or mutes. We also sampled note transitions (slides up and down) for more authentic sounding banjo performances. These can be triggered with a keyswitch, or done automatically with our Auto-Legato feature which detects when a banjo player would likely slide, rather than pick, into a note."

RealiBanjo runs on either Kontakt 4 or Kontakt 5. (The free Kontakt Player is not supported.)

Priced at $59, but as an introductory July special, it's half off, or $29.