Realivox Blue Released

Realitone Vocal Sample Library
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Realitone releases their vocal sample library

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Featuring a word builder with six vowels and 23 consonants, Realivox Blue allows the user to type in their own words or phrases, then play them from their MIDI keyboard.

Considerable research went into this instrument, resulting in heavily detailed sampled. For instance, an "s" sounds different when going into an "ee" than it does when going into an "oo." Additional, a vowel closes differently, depending on which consonant it's leading to. We believe this is the most realistic sounding vocal instrument on the market.

True sampled legato intervals were recorded for each vowel, as well as for "mm." The total size of this library is 12,000 samples.

There are three legato modes, including a polyphonic legato mode, which is intuitive and easy to play. Unlike other polyphonic legato attempts, this one doesn't require the user to go through a slew of settings. There is only one knob, which will probably never need adjusting from the factory default.

Also featured is a doubling and tripling mode. Second and third voices can be added to either thicken a lead voice, or to create an ensemble sound, all on one track. Combined with the polyphonic legato, convincing small choirs can be played live.

Realivox Blue runs on Kontakt 5, or optionally on the free Kontakt Player.

Priced at $149, but with an introductory price of $99.95. ($114.95 for the Kontakt Player version.)