Receptor Version 1.4 Software Announced

Muse Research announced the latest version of software, version 1.4, for its Receptor hardware plug-in player. This new version of software improves the RAM utilization in Receptor as well as adding new MIDI features that improve its ability to serve as the ultimate synth, sampler, and sound module. Version 1.4 software will be available free to all registered Receptor customers this month.

Receptor was designed for live use, which means many of the design decisions took into consideration the reality of using high-technology products in unpredictable environments. Thanks to improvements made in the last software update, Receptor has become a platform upon which to run sampler programs such as Kontakt 2 and sample libraries such as those from Garritan or from companies like EASTWEST.

Since samplers demand a large amount of RAM, the engineers at Muse Research developed new optimization routines that improved the amount of available memory to be used for sample memory and improving the overall performance for all plug-ins. Now a vast majority of Receptor's 2GB maximum memory is devoted to running plug-ins instead of being used to run the OS or host applications.

Also new in Version 1.4 is the ability to pass controller information directly to a plug-in or to use that controller information to control Receptor's mixer functionality which is entirely MIDI controllable. The result is an ideal blend of versatility allowing you to manage your plug-ins or Receptor's mixer functionality using the wide variety of available MIDI controllers.

Receptor version 1.4 software will be free to all registered Receptor owners and downloadable from their software website at the end of this month.

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