Recommended Reading: Four New Studio Books

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Alfred Music
The Roger Nichols Recording Method
By Roger Nichols

HIGHLIGHTS A school-of-hard-knocks approach to recording and mixing music from the late multiple-Grammy Award-winning engineer • written in a breezy style and easy to comprehend, yet full of detailed information • includes DVD-ROM of Pro Tools session files
TARGET MARKET Students and musicians interested in improving their knowledge about recording
ANALYSIS Nichols was a creative and brilliant, no-nonsense kind of guy, and that shines through in this excellent book.

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Oxford University Press
Electronic and Computer Music, 4th ed.
By Peter Manning

HIGHLIGHTS A comprehensive history of the people and technologies that influenced the last century of music • stretches beyond academia to include popular culture, consumer formats, and innovative research • not overly technical • companion website has additional material
TARGET MARKET Anyone interested in the development of musicmaking machines
A broad look at the history of electronic and computer music that presents a surprising level of detail while remaining fun to read. Highly recommended.

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Electronic Music and Sound Design Volume 1, 2nd ed.

By Alessandro Cipriani and Maurizio Giri


HIGHLIGHTS Covers techniques for using Cycling ’74 Max 6 and MSP • each topic divided into a Theory and Practice chapter • topics include control signals, additive and vector synthesis, elements of programming, and noise generators, filters, and subtractive synthesis

TARGET MARKET Composers and musicians interested in learning Max/MSP

ANALYSIS A highly structured and detailed approach to programming for realtime sound synthesis that explains both the how and the why of each subject.


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Greenleaf Press
The Artist’s Guide to Success in the Music Business
By Loren Weisman

HIGHLIGHTS Focuses on fundraising, touring, management, booking, marketing and promotion • includes ideas and approaches to songwriting and arranging • covers digital and social media • check out the “Your Band is Your Brand” chapter
TARGET MARKET Musicians and the people who work with them
ANALYSIS This book covers a lot of ground and navigates a wide array of topics that are important to anyone interested in making a career in the music biz.