Recording School Online Adds Cubase SX Videos

A new resent addition to Recording School Online is a 20 Video collection on "How to record using Cubase SX." These videos are designed to simplify the learning curve of the software.

These 20 videos cover all aspects of using Cubase SX in a step by step fashion. These 20 Cubase SX videos are an addition to recording School onlines already large library of recording videos and written guides.

Other videos at RSO includes microphone techniques, recording drums, bass, guitar, acoustic instruments as well as detailed descriptions of how to program reverbs, delays, chorus, flange, and equalization.

These instructional videos are available to all students 24/7. Access to the site is done by semester. Each semester lasts 4 months and includes access to all programs, videos and teacher assistance that Recording School Online offers. Beyond the video and written libraries, students also benefit from private teacher interaction as relates to each students unique progress in the field of audio recording.

For more information, visit their web site at