R.E.T. Percussion: The RET-SNARE & CYMBAL

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R.E.T. is attempting to solve the problem of electronic drums not having the “feel” of acoustic drums. How? By (not surprisingly) making their triggers . . . real drums, and cymbals (albeit laminated in a clear coating), that use real drumheads that let you “tune” the feel just like you would a standard kit. Well did it? I found they worked just as advertised with the cymbal being the more pleasant surprise of the two, doing a very good job of “tricking” me into believing it was resonating, and having a nice, natural stick feel. The trigger was also tough to fault, reacting to changes in stick work just like a real cymbal should with the rimshot response being the high point. And the drum itself? Well, the drum worked well and can be “tuned” to change the feel (this, of course, does not change the sound) like a real drum. Though it never felt as lively as an acoustic drum, I got it very close. Kind of cool.