Review: Impact Soundworks Shreddage Drums

Drum library for Kontakt 5 player focuses on rock and metal sounds
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Shreddage Drums is a library that focuses on rock and metal sounds, and runs on either the full version of Kontakt 5 or the free Kontakt 5 player: Load a 16- or 24-bit version of the library and choose between samples with or without mic bleed using the standard Kontakt browser. Before installing the library, be sure to grab the Impact Soundworks Downloader app to facilitate the download and unpacking of the RAR archive.

The interface lets you audition the sounds by clicking on them. A pull-down menu yields 27 presets that offer a wide range of instruments. The drums, recorded from three different kits, are big and present, and they feature everything from the tight kicks of contemporary metal to the fat snares and punchy toms of heavier rock styles.

The default mapping is GM, but the Mapping window lets you change the MIDI note of any drum or cymbal. You can also assign any sound from the library to any MIDI note, making it easy to build custom kits, which can then be saved. As a bonus, Impact Soundworks partnered up with Groove Monkee ( to include a collection of MIDI drum grooves in four categories—Power Rock, Progressive, Metal, and Hard Rock.

Individual kit elements can be mixed from the Drum Tweak Area, where clicking on a drum or cymbal reveals controls for Volume, Pan, Tune, Attack, Release, and Decay. The separate Mixer section lets you control levels, panning, mute, solo and effects for Kick, Toms, Snare, Hi-Hat, as well as Overheads and Room mics. The mixer’s effects are quite impressive and include Reverb, EQ, Transient Designer, Tape Saturation, and Compressor. The reverbs are particularly excellent.

Overall, Shreddage Drums offers excellent sonics and smart features at a good price.