Review: Universal Audio Moog Multimode Filter

The Universal Audio Moog Multimode Filter plug-in combines the best of classic Minimoog, Moogerfooger and Voyager filter sections
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This plug-in brings something completely fresh to the UAD platform. Starting with the basics, you get a switchable self-oscillating filter (lowpass, bandpass and highpass) with cutoff and resonance controls, as well as a choice between 2- and 4-pole operation.

The spot-on emulations of each mode are rotund, velvety and sparkling. An envelope follower similar to the Moog Moogerfooger MF-101 hardware filter can be adjusted for smooth or fast response. It can also modulate in positive or negative directions.

A cool Spacing control, borrowed from the Moog Voyager synth, lets you spread two hard-panned versions of the filter by as many as three octaves, inducing anything from subtle beating as the filters glide slightly out of tune to increasing your stereo image at its widest setting. The lone LFO has five waveshapes and can run freely or tempo-synced at rhythmically derived rates.

I'm a sucker for overdriving a Minimoog's external input to filter loops and other sampled material. Although the plug's input is clean, it's capable of wonderfully creamy saturation. Flipping the +20 dB switch, however, and cranking the Drive control brings the input distortion right up to par with my Mini, delivering that same raunchy, “overblown” detail. With highly musical filters and modulation facilities, the Moog Multimode filter is wonderfully “playable.”


At a glance: Combines the best of classic Minimoog, Moogerfooger and Voyager filter sections. Requires UAD hardware with version 5.1 (5.2 for UAD-2) software.