Review: Yamaha DBR Series

Powered P.A. Speakers
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Configurable to meet a variety of needs, the Yamaha DBR Series active loudspeakers are available in three models, based on the size of the low-frequency driver—DBR10 (700W; $529), DBR12 (1,000W; $659), and DBR15 (1,000W, $899). Each loudspeaker cabinet is biamped with Class D amplifiers and includes a 2-channel mixer, a highpass filter for pairing with a subwoofer, and D-Contour multiband dynamics processing for adapting it for use as a main or monitor speaker. The hard-plastic enclosure has a metal grille on the front and receded handles, creating a lightweight, easy-to-carry P.A. speaker that feels rugged.

The two combo inputs have separate input-level controls, though only Channel 1 accepts mic-level signals. Channel 2 includes a pair of RCA inputs, allowing you to run stereo audio into the channel, though the output will be mono when mixed with Channel 1. The DBRs can be mounted on a stand or set on a surface with minimized coupling. M8 screw holes on the base allow you to rig the speakers using the optional mounting brackets.

The DBR12 and DBR15 can also be used as floor monitors, and up to four speakers can be connected in parallel. Laid on its side, the enclosure angles the speaker upwards 50 degrees. Switch D-Contour to the Monitor setting to reduce low-end build up.

I tested a pair of the DBR12s in small-venue situations—a club and an art gallery—and they provided more than enough power for the audio to be clearly heard within a packed house. With so much headroom, miked acoustic instruments as well as electronic instruments sounded natural—exactly what you want, in addition to being an easy schlepp when you’re done.

Remarkably powerful for its size and weight, the DBR Series is a P.A. system you definitely need to hear.