Rhapsody Partners with BandPage

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BandPage, the go-to fan platform more than 500,000 musicians use to reach millions, has launched a major integration with Rhapsody, the premium subscription music service. Based on listener and user data, Rhapsody now sends targeted emails and notifications, which include links to purchase limited-edition VIP BandPage Experiences, directly to fans who have recently streamed or purchased the specific artists in the program.

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“The newest--and most exciting--way for musicians to generate revenue is through contextual targeting on streaming platforms like Rhapsody,” said J Sider, CEO and Founder of BandPage. “Conversions happen when we reach fans in moments when they are truly and deeply focused on that artist,” said Sider.

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Rhapsody is kicking off the new partnership by exclusively marketing several BandPage Experiences directly to fans of those artists, such as Third Eye Blind, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Rozzi Crane, Brandon Boyd (Incubus), Parliament and more. These artists’ Experiences are emailed or directly messaged to Rhapsody users who have purchased the artist’s music or streamed them in the last month.

"We know that Rhapsody isn't just a streaming music service. It's a place where the ardent fan lives," said Paul J. Springer, Rhapsody's senior vice president, Americas. "Being able to show music fans these creative offers from their favorite artists right where they are listening is an amazing step forward in letting fans do more than listen."

One of the first bands to be involved in the integration was Third Eye Blind, who are offering fans VIP Ticket Packages which include: a ticket to the show, access to part of the band’s sound check where they will play new songs, meet-and-greet session after sound check, one t-shirt from the merchandise booth and one signed set list after the show.

“BandPage Experiences let us naturally connect with fans while also providing us with a new and convenient revenue source,” said Stephan Jenkins, Third Eye Blind frontman. “The partnership with Rhapsody provides the perfect context for our most dedicated fans to discover our VIP Experiences...at a moment when they are totally focused on the band,” said Jenkins.

Introduced last spring, BandPage Experiences have quickly proven to be a significant revenue stream for musicians. One summer tour shattered expectations when the artists made $100,000 in just 48 hours selling VIP Meet-and-Greet Packages. According to a recent Nielsen study, up to $2.7B in untapped annual music business revenues exist within fan engagement. BandPage crafted their Experiences product to capture this revenue potential for artists.

“At BandPage, we make it possible for musicians to reach their fans in new ways and create a sustainable living,” says J Sider. “By integrating our Experiences into Rhapsody, we can simultaneously help them do both.”

Last month BandPage announced major partnerships with Xbox Music and VEVO to continue providing artists with a central profile to reach their fans, which enables them to increase engagement and revenue. This partnership represents the first phase of integration between Rhapsody and BandPage with future integrations around tour dates, bios, photos and more possible as the relationship grows. With Rhapsody now onboard, BandPage plans to expand its network of partnerships, further empowering artists ability to increase fan engagement and sales across platforms.