Riffworks 2.1 Update, 20 New Instantdrummer Sessions & Riffrumble Vi Song Contest

Sonoma Wire Works RiffWorks recording software is even better. 20 new InstantDrummer sessions for RiffWorks users. To celebrate, RiffRumble VI song contest is in full swing.

Sonoma Wire Works' award-winning RiffWorks™ Standard recording software has been updated to version 2.1 and twenty new RiffWorks InstantDrummer Sessions have just been released. To celebrate, Sonoma Wire Works is hosting a RiffRumble VI song contest with prizes from sponsors like Line 6, Disc Makers, CD Baby, Recording Magazine, and Drummerheads.

RiffWorks Standard 2.1 and RiffWorks Line 6 Edition 2.1 updates are now available. Version 2.1 is a maintenance release with updates and changes that improve device support, registration, graphics, plug-in support and RiffLink online collaboration. With RiffLink's improvements, guitar players are having even more fun jamming online with other musicans world-wide from within a multitrack recording interface - As always, there are no latency or distance issues with RiffLink online collaboration. RiffWorks 2.1 Release Notes:


As an added bonus, all RiffWorks Standard 2.1 users now receive IK Multimedia's popular AmpliTube 2 Live plugin to use with RiffWorks. Also all RiffWorks Standard 2.1 users get a free drum session by our new drum content partner, Sonic Reality! That adds up to 9 free InstantDrummer sessions included with RiffWorks Standard.

Twenty new RiffWorks InstantDrummer sessions from several top drum content providers have just been released. Discrete Drums, Sonic Reality, Drums On Demand and Drummerheads have released fresh, great-sounding sessions of looped drum material. Each session has several unique parts, and with the spin of a couple of knobs, RiffWorks users can change each session's intensity, ambience, gain, and more. This content normally is available in expensive, large libraries, but we offer them in bite-sized pieces that are easy and fun to use. New InstantDrummer Sessions:


To celebrate the RiffWorks 2.1 update and the new drum content, we are hosting another popular song contest - RiffRumble VI. Prizefighters have from now until February 27th to submit an original song made with RiffWorks. Three people will win hundreds of dollars in prizes from the contest sponsors. The public and qualified judges will determine the winning songs. There is no entry fee to participate.



RiffWorks 2.1 Update is available to all RiffWorks version 2 owners for free.

Launch RiffWorks 2.0 and follow the link.

RiffWorks Standard 2.1 download is available now direct from Sonoma Wire Works for $169:


RiffWorks Standard 2.1 boxes are available from IK Multimedia's online store and worldwide distribution channels for MSRP $169/€139 (tax excluded).


RiffWorks Line 6 Edition 2.1 is available for owners of GuitarPort, TonePort and PODxt products as a download from Line 6 for $99.99. It is also bundled with a GuitarPort for MSRP $265.99/€199: