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This is my home studio in Pittsburgh, P.A.
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This is my home studio in Pittsburgh, PA. The main purpose of the studio is to make electronic dance music, mostly house, trance, and electro. I’ve been using MIDI to compose various styles of music since my freshman year of high school in 1994. I’ve always liked techno and even wrote a decent amount using presets from very non-analog-synth types of keyboards. Once I started working with a few people who really knew what they were doing, I started to compile the collection you see here. I’ve bought and sold tons of gear over the years to come up with my current setup, but I couldn’t be happier with what I have now. A few of my favorites include the DSI Prophet 12 (of course), the Virus TI2 rack, The Nord Lead 3, and the XBASE 999 in the original white finish. Here’s a complete list of the gear (left to right . . . sort of ):

Future Retro 777
Novation K-Station
Nord Lead 3
Novation Supernova II Pro-X
Access Virus TI2 Rack
Novation D-Station
E-MU Procussion
Roland R8M
Akai XE-8
Waldorf Rack Attack
Waldorf Micro-Q Phoenix Edition
Electrix Warp Factory
Electrix Filter Queen
Electrix EQ Killer
Macbook Pro W/ Thunderbolt
Novation Nova Laptop
Arturia Origin
Electrix MO-Fx
Electrix Filter Factory
Yamaha FS1-R
Speck Xtramix
JoMoX JazBase 03
Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12
Waldorf Q
Nord Electro 2 Rack
L.L. Electronics Rozzbox One V2
Yamaha S90ES
Doepfer Regelwerk

Joshua Smith, aka Thumpty Jumpty via email