The new 38-Channel 192 kHz Multiformat PCI Express Card

The HDSPe AIO is the high-end All-In-One solution for every possible audio application, from recording up to the final mastering. The world´s most versatile PCI express audio interface provides no less than

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- 1 x analog I/O
- 1 x AES/EBU I/O
- 1 x S/PDIF I/O
- 1 x ADAT I/O
- 1 x MIDI I/O
- and one headphones output

The Advanced-Input-Output interface shines with the latest 192 kHz AD- and DA-converters, with up to 116 dB signal to noise ratio. All 18 inputs and 20 outputs can be used simultaneously. Four additional high-quality analog I/Os, an eight-channel TDIF I/O and a Word Clock I/O can easily be added by optional expansion boards.

HDSPe AIO is the successor of the well-known HDSP 9632 PCI card. The AIO uses the same newly developed genuine PCI Express core that achieves significant performance and latency gains in other RME cards, like the HDSPe MADI or RayDAT. The SPIDF and AES/EBU I/Os are fully separated, therefore can be used at the same time with different audio signals. The headphones output got its own DAC and playback device, making it independent from the main analog outputs.

The integrated and fully MIDI-controllable DSP-based TotalMix mixer routes and mixes all 18 inputs and 20 output channels to all physical outputs, offering the most flexible monitoring capabilities. Furthermore, the DSP hardware calculates RMS and peak level meters with no measurable CPU load.

The card is equipped with SteadyClockTM, RME’s own clock technology, combining professional features like maximum jitter suppression at full varipitch capabilities and software controlled sample rates. An optional TCO board allows for a synchronization to LTC and video.

Thanks to RME's secure flash update technology, firmware improvements, adjustments, and bugfixes can be installed easily at any time.

The HDSPe AIO ships in a basic version with unbalanced analog RCA/phono breakout cables. An analog breakout cable with balanced XLR is optional available.

Included software:
DIGICheck for Mac and Windows: Spectral Analyser, professional level meter for 2, 8, or 38 channels, Vector Audio Scope, Global Record (Win only), Surround Scope, various other audio analysis tools.

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/64/7 (full ASIO multi-client operation of WDM, GSIF 2.0 and ASIO 2.0), Mac OS X Intel (Core Audio and Core MIDI).

For further information and more technical details, please visit: www.rme-audio.com