Leading virtual synthesis supremo Rob Papen has announced the immediate release of Go2 – a virtual synthesizer designed to provide music producers with powerful, easy-to-use features and the best quality sounds – all controlled within a single interface. What's more, it's extremely affordable at only $49 / £41.95 / €49.

Rob Papen says, “Features are needed to generate particular sounds, but there is also something very tempting in 'limited' features and a more simple concept. Limitation makes people creative, so it was about time that we did something with 'less' …a different concept.”




Oscillator Section – The heart of Go2 is the morph oscillator, this oscillator allows you to morph (using Go2's various morph modes) between two different waveforms.

XY Pad - A combination of a live, interactive control and also an automated programmable modulation source.

Play Mode - Arranges how Go2 plays its synth engine plus additional features and settings.


Arpeggiator section - Classic style Arpeggiator with some unique features, like sequencer mode and unison/chord control per step.

Free LFO Section - Generates modulation signals to be used as sources in a modulation path.

Modulation Matrix Section – The 8-way modulation matrix allows you to dynamically alter Go2's parameters using both internal modules such as envelopes and LFOs, and external MIDI Controllers such as Pitch Bend, Aftertouch and other control messages defined in the MIDI-standard.

And in true Rob Papen style, Go2 includes more than 600 presets.

Whether you’re new to synthesis and don’t want to be overwhelmed with features, or a seasoned music producer who just needs a quick solution for sketching ideas, this newest addition to the Rob Papen family of virtual synths could become the go-to in your studio.

Go2 is available now. For full details, including audio demos, and to buy for $49 visit Time+Space.



Rob Papen started playing synthesizer and composing music when he was 15 years old and, at the age of 18 he had a number one hit called 'Aurora' in Benelux together with the Dutch synthesizer group 'Nova'. With such an experienced background in the world of synthesis, the virtual Rob Papen synthesizers are at the cutting edge in what is possible in today's contemporary music making. They are truly unique because of the concepts, sound quality and most of all, the musical and useable nature of the presets.


Time+Space has been supplying the creative industries with essential tools for computer-based music production for over 20 years. Their extensive portfolio of world-leading brands includes Gothic Instruments, iZotope, Rob Papen, Spectrasonics, Synthogy, Toontrack and many more.