Roc ‘C'', The Transcontinental (E1)

Who likes to rock the party? Roc 'C' likes to rock the party all over the globe with The Transcontinental.

A Cali MC returns alongside a new sound provider
Ox City''s Roc ‘C'' only made modest noise with his 2006 debut, All Questions Answered—even with an on-point Oh No handling a bulk of the beats. The vague LP left many wondering who the gruff-voiced MC was as an artist, which isn''t the case on Roc ‘C''s latest LP, The Transcontinental. Working exclusively with mysterious producer IMAKEMADBEATS, aka NeMo, the Cali MC delivers a consistently satisfying collection of often reflective, neck-snapping hip-hop.

Like on his debut, the MC''s growl remains a focal point of his music. Yet now that he has loosened up lyrically, his revelations about his ups and downs and past provide an added purpose in his vocals. As Roc ‘C'' rhymes about varied aspects of his life, NeMo''s robust but always melodic beats no doubt help ignite tracks such as the string-tinged “Just a Man.” The unknown beatsmith demonstrates his agility in keeping up with the MC''s free-flowing topical travels. While Roc ‘C'' shares stories of getting wasted over tipsy keys and a broken beat (“Hit the Floor”) or gives thanks to his mom atop bouncy breaks (“The One I Love”), he shows us that he has discovered a producer who can bring out his best. [4 out of 5 stars]