Roland Announces Ultimate Blues Tone Capsule

Custom Voicing Circuit for the Blues Cube Amplifier Series
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Custom voicing circuit for the Blues Cube amplifier series

Roland is pleased to announce the Blues Cube Ultimate Blues Tone Capsule, a user-installable voicing circuit for the innovative Blues Cube guitar amplifier series. Developed by Roland engineers under the supervision of blues guitarist Kirk Fletcher, the Ultimate Blues Tone Capsule changes the sound and response characteristics of the original Blues Cube amps to provide custom voicings approved by the artist himself.

Featuring Roland’s unique Tube Logic design approach, the Blues Cube amps have a sweet, deep compression feeling of a cranked-up small amp with 6V6 tubes. They deliver the rich sound and musical touch response of finely tuned vintage tube combos, along with convenient modern features and reduced weight. In developing the Blues Cube, Roland engineers integrated the ability to modify the amplifier via a Tone Capsule socket on the chassis.

Blues Cube Tone Capsules are modification circuits that re-voice the tube characteristics of the original Blues Cube amps. The Blues Cube Ultimate Blues Tone Capsule fine-tunes the amp to suit Kirk’s requirements, capturing both his soulfully clean and edgy crunch sounds.

“I am blown away by the excellent tone of Blues Cube amps,” Kirk explains. “Being able to modify an already great-sounding amp with my own voice is a dream come true.”

Blues Cube Ultimate Blues Tone Capsule is compatible with Blues Cube Stage, Artist and Artist212 amplifiers.