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What would you like to sound like today? No matter what you answer, your wish can come true -- and more easily than you may expect. The magic tool is a type of musical instrument called a sampler. Samplers are a mainstay in just about every type of music production, from hip-hop to film soundtracks. A musician with a sampler and a few good CD-ROMs containing professional sound libraries can lay down ultrarealistic drum, bass, and guitar tracks or simulate a full symphony orchestra. If you're new to the idea of sampling, this column will put you on the fast track. MORE >>>

The Roland V-Synth has a touch-sensitive pad and a touchscreen display that provide ample tactile control. This V-Synth harnesses VariPhrase technology to manipulate samples in real time.

Sample Solutions
By Jim Aikin
Excerpt from Electronic Musician

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Killer Drum Grooves
By Julian Colbeck
Article from Electronic Musician
Drums don't just fuel the groove, they define it. Put a hip-hop beat beneath a bunch of chords and you have hip-hop. Substitute a reggae beat and it becomes a reggae track. Swap that for a merengue and you're in Miami. MORE >>>

Excerpt from:
Seven Deadly Synths
By Geary Yelton
Electronic Musician,Sep 1, 2003

You can always count on Roland to advance the state of electronic music technology. The V-Synth ($2,395) is the latest in a long line of inventive designs that have kept the company close to the forefront for decades. The V-Synth is Roland's first fully DSP-based synth, and it incorporates some of Roland's best ideas into an instrument with groundbreaking sound creation and performance capabilities. Outstanding features include user sampling, a user-programmable arpeggiator, and unique controllers for real-time. MORE >>>

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Roland V-Synth Review
By David Battino
Electronic Musician,Jan 1, 2004
The moment you turn it on, you get your first clue that the Roland V-Synth is different. Read the review >>>

Electronic Musician 2004 Editors Choice Awards
By the EM Staff
Electronic Musician,Jan 1, 2004

Roland receives EM's Editors Choice Awards for DSP Host and Groove Box categories

VariOS ($1,095)
Software that imitates musical instruments is nothing new. Nor is the idea of a chameleon-like hardware device that assumes a new personality depending on the software you load into it; in essence, that's what a personal computer does. MORE >>>

MC-909 ($1,795)
Roland's MicroComposer (MC) series began over a quarter-century ago and continues to thrive in the form of groove-oriented music workstations. Every year, groove boxes grow more sophisticated, more economical, and more versatile. MORE >>>

Click here for the MC-909 review

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In the news...

Roland 128-voice Fantom-XR synthesizer and sampler module
eMusician Xtra News,May 2004
Roland has announced that it is shipping its 128-voice Fantom-XR synthesizer and sampler module. The module includes space for six optional SRX expansion boards and up to 528 MB of sample RAM. MORE >>>

Roland's VS8F-3 Plug-In Effect Expansion Board

eMusician Xtra News,2004
Roland's VS8F-3 Plug-In Effect Expansion Board allows third-party plug-ins to work in its V-Studio products. The initial list of plug-in developers includes Antares, Cakewalk, IK Multimedia, Massenburg, McDSP, Soundtoys, TC Electronic, and Universal Audio. MORE >>>

About the Plug-ins and the VS8F-3:

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For more on Plug in software -- go to

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From the EM archives

Things I Wish I'd Known Then
By Jeffrey P. Fisher
Electronic Musician,Apr 1, 2004
It's often a struggle for musicians to build the life they want to lead. The uncertainty and constant flux that characterize today's music industry only make achieving a modicum of success that much harder. For many of us, it's a long, arduous journey, full of challenges and setbacks -- and hopefully a few bright, shining moments, too. MORE>>>

By Mike Levine
Electronic Musician,Mar 1, 2004
If you're looking for a guitar that offers quality tone and an entrée into the world of guitar synthesis and sequencing, the Brian Moore iGuitar 8.13 ($1,595) may be just the ticket. Featuring a pair of Seymour Duncan humbucking pickups that can be changed over to single-coil with a coil-tap switch, an RMC piezo bridge pickup for acoustic-guitar-like tone, and a 13-pin output for driving Roland and compatible guitar synths, the iGuitar 8.13 offers a wide range of sonic possibilities. It looks great, to boot. MORE >>>

In the Spotlight: Roland Juno-106
Julian Colbeck
Electronic Musician,Oct 1, 2000
Roland's polyphonic Juno-106 was one of the world's first MIDI synths. Its MIDI implementation is impressive: panel controls transmit SysEx; the unit receives and sends on all 16 channels, and you can selectively filter MIDI data. MORE>>>

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Roland VS-2400CD - The No-Hassle Pro Studio
By Laura Tyson
Online Exclusive,Aug 6 2003

Need a good excuse to record your band? Roland just came up with the best one: the new VS-2400CD 24-Track Digital Studio Workstation. The VS-2400 is a complete digital recording, mixing, and CD-burning workstation with 24 tracks of 24-bit digital audio, a 48-channel automated digital mixer, two stereo effects, and more. MORE >>>

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