RoomVerb M2 Updated to Version 2.2

SpinAudio has released a new update for the RoomVerb M2 reverb plug-in for Windows and Mac.

The updated version features a new, improved reverb engine that provides denser, more realistic reverberation and better stereo image spatialization. The update comes bundled with a redesigned set of 250 ready-to-use factory presets.

Main features of RoomVerb M2 include:

  • Plate and Outdoor acoustic space simulation modes
  • Time and Spectral Domain Spatial Decorrelation Technology
  • Reverb Modulation with a choice of random LFOs
  • Comprehensive control of Early and Late reflections
  • Separate 3-band parametric equalizers for Early and Late reflections
  • Acoustic space environment modelling through air and material frequency-dependant absorption simulation filters with a set of more than 40 presets included
  • Two Built-in Gates with True Stereo RMS Detection
  • 250 ready-to-use factory presets
  • Preset management system with categorial and keyword search
  • Optimized code for modern processors

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