Rossum Electro-Music Evolution

You’ll never think of a ladder-filter the same way again
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If the name Rossum rings a bell, it’s likely you know your synth history: Dave Rossum was a co-founder of E-mu Systems and pioneered designs in both analog and digital music technology.

Rossum’s return to the modular world has provided Eurorack users with a handful of innovative modules, one of which is the Evolution. Taking E-mu’s ’70s-era lowpass ladder-filter as its starting point, the Evolution gives you CV control over the cutoff slope—from 3-pole to 6-pole. Moreover, the filter goes easily into a tunable resonance, and you can dynamically control the Q and gain: As its panel suggests, this module can add character when you want it. Need to process control voltages? The Evolution can do that, too, as the I/O is DC-coupled.

The Evolution is a winner this year because its combination of overall flexibility and broad timbre capabilities—from smooth to shredding, even before you add modulation— sets the bar high in a field crowded with lowpass filters.