Royer Labs Relocates to New Digs

Royer Labs, a leading manufacturer of high quality ribbon microphones, has moved into new, larger facilities.

Since its incorporation in 1998, the company has experienced dramatic, steady growth. The new facilities enable Royer Labs to increase its operating efficiency and expand further while simultaneously improving its customer service and support programs.

Not far from its previous location, Royer Labs’ new address and phone numbers are as follows:

Royer Labs
2711 Empire Avenue
Burbank, CA 91504
Tel: 818-847-0121
Fax: 818-847-0122

According to Rick Perrotta, president of Royer Labs, “We’ve experienced consistent double-digit growth for several years now, and this has necessitated additional space to accommodate our expansion plans. We simply outgrew our previous location. The move represents a new era and new opportunities for Royer Labs. We’ve been extremely fortunate to have assembled a great group of really talented people. We purposely searched for a new location that was close to our original location so we wouldn’t lose anyone. We found a facility with plenty of room to grow, and I’m pleased to report that everyone is making the move with us. ”

In addition to an increase in office space, the new facilities provide Royer Labs with substantially greater space for production, customer service, and new product development. John Jennings, VP of sales and marketing, notes, “Our intention is to grow the company through a combination of exceptional products, and world-class customer service and support. These criteria require additional staff and an enhanced R&D lab. The new facility enables us to realize these goals.”

Located in Burbank, California, Royer Labs’ microphones are a staple of leading recording and broadcast facilities. Additional information on the SF-24 and all Royer microphones can be found at