Rycote Ship New Windshield Kit For Compact Microphones

 Rycote, UK designers and manufacturers of innovative microphone windshield and suspension systems, have begun shipping a new windshield system suitable for compact microphones. The Windshield 10 Kit, as it is known, uses a specially configured version of Rycote’s existing Small Modular Suspension, has a body length of 120mm and is designed to comfortably accommodate Sennheiser's popular modular MKH8000 series microphones when fitted with the MZX8000 XLR connector.
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"Since their launch last Autumn, the MKH8000-series mics have proved very popular with location recording engineers," comments Rycote’s Managing Director Vivienne Dyer. "Not surprisingly, we soon began to receive a lot of feedback asking if we would consider making a compact windshield system that would fit these mics, so that customers didn't have to go to the extent of purchasing one of our larger modular systems."

The Windshield 10 Kit is available now, weighs 0.75kg in total and comprises:

• the specially configured Small Modular Suspension;
• the suitably sized Windshield 10 ‘zeppelin’ and Windjammer 10 furry cover;
• microphone clips;
• Rycote's resilient but lightweight pistol grip handle;
• a boom pole adaptor;
• and a spares bag.

For more information, see www.rycote.com/products/full_windshield_system/modular_windshield_kit.