Safe Sound Audio Releases “Dynamics Toolbox” Stereo Compressor Limiter

Safe Sound Audio, a UK company founded by designer Robert Campbell (formerly of Neve and Calrec) have released their second product called the “Dynamics Toolbox” which is a dual mono / stereo linkable compressor limiter with features not commonly found on hardware units. Aimed at the recording studio market, the Dynamics Toolbox was designed to offer versatile sound characteristics that make it useful through the entire tracking, submixing and mixing process for DAW based studios and beyond. This one compressor offers infinite sound possibilities and ease of setup.

New features include:
Two Compression Modes, Individually Selectable “Peakride” mode, a three stage design mainly for tracking, clean control without artifacts and AUTO release for easy setup “Dynamics Tracking” mode, a smooth design that handles mixbuss “glue” duties easily using lower ratios, yet can be pushed into higher amounts of reduction for an obvious fizz and pumping effect when desired “Blend” Mode, Parallel or “New York” Compression on a Single Knob Parallel mode allows users to blend between “wet” (compressed / limited) and “dry” (original signal) on a single pot. Great for drum busses when you want to retain the original transient info but want to bring more pump and detail to the surface. Also popular with classical music as a “bottom up” style of dynamics control.

Dual Internal Sidechains Offer Low and High Frequency Tailoring

On-board dual compressor sidechain EQ allows the user to filter 20Hz to 2.5kHz on the low end, and 15kHz down to 1.3kHz on the high end from the compression sidechain, enabling compression without being overly affected by the bass content and to also allow the high end to breath and sparkle. Fully balanced sidechain inserts as well as sidechain “LISTEN” facilities for more control and ease of use.

Limiter Design Offers More Control & Sonic Possibilities

All new limiter design offers protection from clipping during tracking, or by pushing into extreme thresholds can be exploited for a more obvious crunch for effect. Completely variable threshold.

Fully Linkable, or Dual Mono Allows Two Compressors At Once

In dual mono mode the Dynamics Toolbox can be setup for clean and clear control on channel 1, while channel 2 could simultaneously be set up for slammed effect type of compression. This offers more versatility while tracking dual sources. The unit can be stereo linked which makes channel 1 the “master”.

Transformer Output Choices, Four Available

Also available are optional plug-in output cards utilizing a choice of classic transformers for more sonic flavors. This option is user installed and performed easily, allowing “plug and play” choices in sound.

Other features include a super high quality toroidal power transformer feeding two 100% linear power voltage regulators, extremely high headroom on both the inputs and outputs, ground lifts on all I/O separately selectable, hard bypass and fully balanced professional operation.

Safe Sound Audio ( is distributed in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Australia by Front End Audio ( Shipment of the Dynamics Toolbox begins November 30, 2007. For more info contact or call 1-888-228-4530 / 1-803-748-0914.