Samplebase Offers Free SoundBlock

Samplebase has released the new "Jordan Rudess–NODE" SoundBlock.
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Samplebase has released the new "Jordan Rudess–NODE" SoundBlock, which features the vocals of keyboardist Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) and loads into the company's free Satellite synth-player.

According to the manufacturer, the SoundBlock was inspired by Rudess's efforts to speak over the loudness of the 2009 NAMM show, something that we are all too familiar with. His strained vocal chords produced a second tone that was exactly an octave higher than his normal voice; he then recorded the effect and shared it with sound designers at Samplebase, who programed the vocal experiments for Satellite and put them into this SoundBlock.

Samplebase users may download the "Jordan Rudess–NODE" SoundBlock for free at