SampleLogic Retires Virtual Instruments with Deep Discounts

A.I.R. Expanded, The Elements Exp and Synergy X to be Discontinued
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Sample library company Sample Logic is proud to announce that the time has come to retire three of its award-winning original signature sample-based virtual instruments —A.I.R. EXPANDED, THE ELEMENTS EXP, and SYNERGY X—to make way for future developments, but not before deeply discounting them during a two-week "fond farewell" purchasing period, starting on October 1.

Going forward, all three trailblazing titles—the aforementioned A.I.R. EXPANDED; THE ELEMENTS EXP, a 14GB direct-download KONTAKT PLAYER-based sample library of over 2,000 instruments that provides the six ‘elements’ of music (Ambience, Bass, Harmony, Impacts, Melody, and Rhythm); and SYNERGY X, a collection of over 1,600 innovative instruments, tempo-synced loops, and multis weighing in at over 20GB—still stand tall today, including everything the discerning user needs to get on with making modern, world-class music.

As of today, though, the forward-looking Sample Logic bids a fond farewell to all three titles that have served it so well by deeply discounting its limited remaining inventory in a generous grand gesture. Getting your hands on them now for $99.99 USD per library—representing a 75% saving over their MSRP—is surely a no-brainer! Don’t forget: two weeks and counting as of October 1. Once they’re gone, then they’re gone forever. So why not go grab yourself a tasty slice of truly trailblazing sampling (and musical taste-making) history while waving goodbye with Sample Logic?

Between October1-14, 2015, limited quantities of A.I.R. EXPANDED, THE ELEMENTS EXP, and SYNERGY can be ordered online and directly downloaded from Sample Logic for only $99.99 USD apiece from here:

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Founded by Joe Trupiano and Keith Robinson in 2006, New York-based Sample Logic is an award-winning sample library company whose products are used by musicians all over the world – from DJs and producers to film, TV, and game composers: “Our focus is on developing cutting-edge virtual instruments that blur the line between music and sound design. With our extensive training in recording, computer music, synthesis, and virtual instrument design, we record broad and complex sonic elements that are delivered in well-organised, ready-to-play products.” Products that set the company’s customers apart from the rest: “From banging dumpsters with crowbars at 3am to heavily-caffeinated recording sessions in the studio, our goal is to take organic sounds and sculpt them into never-before-heard sounds and instruments. At Sample Logic we are constantly pushing the envelope to develop advanced user interfaces giving users the ability to morph and tweak sounds on the fly. Not only do our products deliver score-ready instruments right out of the box, but they also offer a host of extremely powerful and intuitive user interface controls giving users the power and freedom to take any instrument above and beyond.”