SampleRobot Update Released Plus Free Synth Sounds

SKYLIFE has updated SampleRobot and is giving away original sounds of classic synthesizers in digital form to all registered users of SampleRobot.

These synthesizers include:

  • Akai VX600
  • Hartmann Neuron
  • Korg MS-20
  • Korg Sigma
  • Oberheim Xpander
  • Roland Jupiter-8
  • Sequential Circuits Prophet-5
  • Sequential Circuits ProphetVS
  • Waldorf MicrowaveXT
  • Yamaha CS01

Over 650MB of directly playable, premium instruments in SoundFont2 format can be downloaded from

New features in version 1.53:

  • ASIO optimization: The maximum amount of ASIO In and Out channels per device has been increased from 32 to 256.
  • Export functions: The new "Export Settings" dialog allows to optionally convert bit resolution and sampling rates during export for all Samples in a Project.
  • Export functions: There is a new dialog for the function "Export selected Project as WAV-Files". You can choose between long and short naming which is useful if you are working with samplers that allow only a few chracters for the Sample's name.
  • Export functions: Now the export status dialog known from the SF2 export has been added to all export formats. This dialog will inform you about the progress during exporting.
  • Preset Manager: With the function "Save selected Project as Preset" in the File menu it is now possible to use a normal Project as a template for a Preset. Deleting a Preset is another new option.

For more information, visit their web site at