SampleScience Hexagon Sky Plug-in Inspired by Tycho & Com Truise

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Producers often reach for a new soundpack to inject some fresh inspiration into their computer studio, but Samplescience goes one better and delivers sample-based plug-in instruments to your hard drive for the price of an average soundpack.

Its latest creation, Hexagon Sky ($29.99), takes the lo-fi ambient electronic vibe of artists like Boards Of Canada, Lone, and Tycho and breaks it down into a 4-layered instrument including 101 preset sounds stemming from about 1.2GB of 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV files. Each preset’s four layers comprise a main oscillator (either one long WAV or a set of multi-samples), a sub oscillator and two field recording layers. You select the field recording layers from a set of nine ambient sounds per preset, and those range from options like various natural atmospheres, kids playing, public domain documentaries or wolves howling.

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Hexagon Sky sources its main oscillators from analog synth pads and strings, guitars, electric pianos, bells, and more. A targeted Electronics section helps you characterize the sound with gritty vinyl, cassette, VHS and tape noise knobs.

You can further manipulate these ethereal sounds with Amp, Reverb, Pitch, and LFO controls with LFO depth and rate routing. The plug-in also has individual outputs for all four preset layers.

I love the musical genre that Hexagon Sky targets, and I thought the audio demos of the product strike a promising balance between homage and originality. For 30 bucks, Hexagon Sky works like a focused soundpack that wraps everything up into a ready-to-tweak plug-in for you. It could be just the right surprise for your lo-fi chillwave joints! Hexagon Sky comes in both 32- and 64-bit formats for Windows VST and Mac AU/VST.