School of Seven Bells Announce Plans to Release New Album

'I Got Knocked Down (But I'll Get Up)' on CultureCollide
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Throughout 2012 School of Seven Bells were working on a follow up to the critically acclaimed Ghostory. When producer/guitarist Benjamin Curtis was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma in 2013 the band took a break. Today, School of Seven Bells is excited to announce plans to release a new album. Prior to passing, Benjamin had recorded his portion of the record in its entirety, both before he was diagnosed and after, between treatments. Alejandra is picking up where they left off and heading into the studio to finalize the next record. Stay tuned for more details to come.

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Additionally, School of Seven Bells have premiered the official video for the track 'I Got Knocked Down (But I'll Get Up)' today on CultureCollide, the new editorial platform founded by Alan Miller (co-founder of FILTER Magazine). Recorded in it's entirety to his laptop from his hospital bed at Memorial Sloan-Kettering in New York City, 'I Got Knocked Down (But I'll Get Up)' is Benjamin's final recording before passing on December 29, 2013 at age 35.

Directors and long time friends of the group, Toby Halbrooks and Alan Del Rio Ortiz, created a visually stunning piece, revolving around cross-country road trip stops in Indio and Joshua Tree, that celebrates life while displaying its cyclical and inexplicable properties. Viewers are reminded that nothing is quite as it seems while scenes give us the sensation we are traveling through a quick glimpse of our own best-life-memories. "Benjamin always held the desert very close to his heart," Alejandra comments. "It was a really important place to him. I'm glad we were able to shoot this video where we did, for him."

To watch the video, please visit You can also listen to the track here: