Second DrumPak for Jamstix Released

Rayzoon Technologies has announced the release of DrumPak #2 for Jamstix, adding 500MB of new sounds to the VSTi plug-in.

Unavailable with the default sounds or any other Pak, the new "close stereo" option allows for more intimate but refined sounds by not using ambience samples and extending the close mic samples from mono to stereo. However, DrumPak #2 still comes with normal ambience samples and mono close mic recordings as well so you get the best of both worlds.

Also included is the entire kit played with Hot Rods. Compared to normal drumsticks, the hot rods give the kit a quieter more delicate sound with a focused attack.

DrumPak #2 also lets you expand your cymbal palette with two new 16" crash cymbals, a 18" crash cymbal, a 14" fast crash and a 14" china. Also included are 14" New Beat hihats with their full, smooth tone. Last but not least, a 20" Zildjian A medium ride completes the kit.

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