Secrets of the Pros Announces the Release of: Advanced PRO TOOLS DVD: Volume III

Secrets of the Pros, Inc. is pleased to announce the worldwide release of it’s newest training DVD entitled, Advanced PRO TOOLS DVD: Volume III. This DVD is shipping at the end of August, 2006 and is now available to order.

Advanced PRO TOOLS DVD: Volume III picks up where its highly successful prequels left off. With well over 2 hours of information this DVD dives deep into a variety of topics…of greatest importance are the topics of mixing and plug-ins. The world of plug-ins has expanded the capabilities of audio producers and this new title takes you through a library of what is out there in the plug-in world. It also demonstrates how to use some of the more complex and esoteric plug-ins that can make a huge difference in the quality of your mixes. This training DVD also provides clear instruction on how to use Automation in Pro Tools, and an overview of Control Surfaces.

“We are proud to report that our DVDs are top sellers at many major audio retailers, and the excellent response from customers and dealers continues.” Secrets of the Pros founder Ken Walden commented. “This new release will take the viewer deeper into Pro Tools and allow them to create music with a new level of speed and flexibility.”

One satisfied customer responded by saying, “Every time I view any of the Secrets of the Pros DVDs I gather new ideas...I wanted to let you know that these DVDs are the best source of information for PRO TOOLS and mixing that I've ever seen...If I had to pay double the price for all the DVDs I would because the info is like going to a semester at an expensive recording school.”

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Advanced Pro Tools DVD: Volume III will be available through select dealers.
Suggested retail price will be US$24.95.

About Secrets of the Pros:

Based in San Francisco, California, Secrets of the Pros, Inc. creates instructional DVDs that are currently focused on the audio, recording and music industries. Their goal is to enable audio content creators to master the technical aspects of their work via clear, concise, well-researched, and affordable information.