Secrets of the Pros Offers 30 Free Hours of Training

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Hobbyist or Pro, Rock, Pop, Electronic/MIDI, Jazz ...

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 ...our series will show you a long list of techniques used by the best of the best that you can apply to any recording and mixing situation.

Secrets of the Pros, Inc. is proud to offer customers a chance to watch almost all our training content for free. People from all over the world, in any economic situation, will now have access to world-class recording, mixing, and Pro Tools training.

Recording & Mixing
Imagine working at a four-studio, world-class recording facility for over 10 years and having access to every room, every day. You would see the techniques of hundreds of the best producers, engineers, and artists! That is only a small part of the expertise you’ll find in our training.

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Pro Tools
One of the best Pro Tools gurus will take you through industry standard techniques and tricks!

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