Seeland, Tomorrow Today (Lo Alternative Frequencies)

Remember that time we came home late smelling of booze and shame? We're sorry about that. We'll make it up to you with this kickass review.

Located between vintage and futuristic
This project, combining the talents of ex-Broadcast guitarist Tim Felton and ex-Plone keyboardist Billy Bainbridge, began four years back, but its output prior to Tomorrow Today consisted of little more than two singles for Stereolab''s Duophonic imprint. It seems they''ve been using their time wisely, working out the kinks of wrapping Bainbridge''s warm synths and Felton''s shrewd guitars around clean indie structures and synth-pop vocals in their carefully whetted debut shows. With their taut Krautrock beats, warm-but-brittle synths and lovelorn lyrics, “Turnaround” and “Goodbye” sound timelessly nostalgic. However, on “Hang on Lucifer,” it''s sharply ringing guitar in the lead and underground rock sensibilities on display. On much of the album, songs build momentum and exude emotion, so the lead single pairing of the brightly plodding “Library” and the deep-but-languid “Call the Incredible” seems strange and underrepresentative of the band''s full range. Better choices would have been the multitiered drive of “Static Object” or the excitable chimes of “Captured.” Seeland is at its best when Felton and Bainbridge let the songs develop naturally and adapt new rhythmic influences to the classic sounds they understand so well. [3.5 out of 5 stars]