Sennheiser Unveils New "Sport" Headphone Line

While personal-listening habits have changed radically over the past decade or so, the need for expertly designed, serious-performance headphones has not diminished. That''s why Sennheiser, the renowned innovator of headphone and microphone designs, has developed a new Sport Line of personal ''phones. The six new sporty, portable headphones reinforce Sennheiser''s reputation for quality, style, and uncompromising sonic excellence.

The Sport Line features cool, sporty designs and color schemes, which are sure to appeal to active listeners. The full line includes a newly refined, ultra-lightweight Sennheiser driver that delivers accurate, balanced sound, with a miniaturized neodymium magnet structure for efficient, high-impact reproduction. What's more, each Sport Line model is specifically constructed to resist moisture and perspiration, and incorporates extremely rugged structures, earpieces and cabling. These are six 'phones that not only sound great, but can withstand years of weekly workouts or monthly marathons – or simply daily commuting.

The MX 75 Sport features the unique "Twist-to-Fit" design to keep the 'phones securely in place during even the toughest workouts. While the main "earbud" containing the transducer nestles into the ear canal, a secondary stabilizing pad, similarly surrounded with soft-rubber padding, rests against the outer ear. The wearer simply gently twists each earpiece to find the most comfortable and secure position. The MX 75 Sport arrives fully equipped with an ear-adapter set to customize fit, along with a cable-clip and carry case.

The LX 70 Sport employs an exclusive flexible, ultra-lightweight head-or-neck band for superb comfort and stability, and also includes soft-rubber ear adapters to ensure a comfortable fit. A cable-clip and compact carry case are also supplied.

The MX 70 Sport is a similar design that omits the flex-band, but adds magnetic earpiece faces so the 'phones can be conveniently "clipped" together around the neck when not in use. A convenient extension cable that permits the player to be worn high or low is included, as is a cable-clip and a carry case.

The MXL 70V Sport has a sturdy lanyard that includes a loop for a lightweight MP3 music player. An extension cord, cable-clip, ear adapters, and storage pouch comprise its accessories. The OMX 70 Sport is the line's clip-on design. Its soft, individually adjustable behind-the-ear clips hold its drivers securely in position. The OMX 70 Sport includes ear adapters, cable-clip, and case.

The PMX 70 Sport - a neck-band style headphone - affixes the high-performance Sennheiser drivers to a flexible, sturdy, ergonomically curved behind-the-neck band for super-secure fit under even the most active conditions. The PMX 70 Sport is supplied with a cable clip.

The Sennheiser Sport Line headphones are available at the following suggested retail prices:

MX 75 Sport: $49.95

LX 70 Sport: $54.95

MX 70 Sport: $34.95

MXL 70V Sport: $44.95

OMX 70 Sport: $44.95

PMX 70 Sport: $49.95

About Sennheiser

Established in 1945 in Wedemark, Germany, Sennheiser is the acknowledged world leader in headphone-transducer and microphone technology, RF-wireless and infrared sound transmission and, most recently, the development of active noise-cancellation. Sennheiser Electronic Corporation is a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary, headquartered in Old Lyme, Connecticut.