Serafine Collection Sci-Fi II

If you stay until the end of movies, you’ve seen Frank Serafine credited as the sound designer on numerous films. Sci-Fi II isn’t about stereotyped sci-fi soundscapes, but an eclectic sound effects collection—some easily identifiable (like jet sounds, bells, phone rings, doors, harp glisses, and chimes), and others that are abstract yet retain an organic quality. Overall, I’d say these work for horror/fantasy genres too, not just the space operas implied by the title.
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There are several broad categories, and some may seem over-represented: 185 laser effects, or 65 guitar sounds. But they’re all good, and you won’t run into situations where you don’t have enough variations to put together a convincing background.

Sci-Fi II isn’t cheap, but you’re paying for A-list sounds done by Someone With a Name, and recording them all must have represented a huge effort (well, unless there’s a submarine docked nearby so you can record torpedo whooshes easily). If you’re just looking to add some sound effects to a dance mix, other libraries will do the job for less bucks. But if you’re doing serious audio-for-video work on a deadline, forking over a grand is going to be less expensive than hiring someone to get these kinds of sounds—assuming they would even be capable of recording, processing, and editing them.

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Format: DVD-ROM with 842 WAV files (2.35GB); 16-bit/44.1kHz
List price: $995