Sex, Punks, Puke ''n'' More

The Official Punk Rock Book of Lists includes lists from Debbie Harry, Blag Dahlia, Jim Jarmusch, Henry Rollins and Steve Jones, among others
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Have you ever wondered what the “6 Great Moments in Puking” are? Well, of course you have! And now you need wonder no more thanks to Amy Wallace and Handsome Dick Manitoba, authors of the new tome, The Official Punk Rock Book of Lists (Backbeat Books, 2007). This slice of hilarity, at more than 300 pages, presents wacky punk lists such as “Blag Dahlia of the Dwarves' 5 Things Assholes Always Say When They Want Something Free,” “Debbie Harry's List of People I'd Like to Fuck” and “Sex Pistol Steve Jones' 13+ Things I've Stolen.” Also, apparently Iggy Pop has a giant wang.