Shure PGA181

A low-cost condenser that doesn’t sound cheap
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Just when we thought, “do we really need another microphone on the market?” Shure released the PGA181, a side-address condenser intended for use on vocals and a variety of instruments. The PGA181’s frequency response extends from 50 Hz to 20kHz and it can handle SPLs up to 138 dB—so far, so good.

But what really sets it apart is that it sounds so much better than competitively-priced condenser mics. We tried it on snare drum, acoustic guitar, vocals, violin, guitar amps, and drum overheads and it delivers the goods. It comes with a simple, sturdy stand-holder and it’s built like a tank so you can leave the kid gloves in the closet. Get a pair so you can use them in stereo!