Simon Collins Tribute to Genesis Using IK Multimedia Software and Sonic Reality Sounds

IK Multimedia and Sonic Reality are pleased to announce the release of a new single from Simon Collins featuring, for the first time in his career a cover of a Genesis song paying tribute to his father Phil Collins'' work with the band. The song, "Keep it Dark" from the album Abacab, was chosen by Simon and co-producer Dave Kerzner of Sonic Reality.

"I've always had a special affinity for this song," says Collins, "and when I met Dave during Genesis' rehearsals for their upcoming reunion tour, we both agreed it would be a cool song to do together."

This modernized and futuristic version of the early 1980¹s offbeat Genesis single, "Keep it Dark," was created by Simon and Dave from the ground up using Dave's cutting edge music software made with IK Multimedia and Sonic Reality. From virtual guitar amplifiers in products like AmpliTube and AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix™ to acoustic drums and other sounds from products such as SampleTank, Sonik Synth and Studiophonik, this track was made almost entirely inside the computer.

"So many musicians, including Genesis themselves, use our software to make music with the computer," says Kerzner. "I was really excited to use these musical tools with Simon to pay tribute to one of my favorite bands, Genesis."

Simon Collins' music is a fusion of pop, progressive rock and electronica and the song "Keep it Dark" has a theme that fits in with Simon's fascination with space, science, mystery and the unknown. This version takes the song into darker sonic territory and uses IK software to weave rich complex textures with dimension and edge.

The song is available as a limited-time free download from

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